Great communities need citizens who are passionate and involved in their communities. Gathering citizens to learn together and to dig deep into their community’s assets breeds inspiration. Momentum is contagious.


Since 1984, thousands of citizens have participated in our programs to increase their leadership development through experiential learning and collaborative efforts. We are here to help youth and adults develop the skills and knowledge to serve their communities to the best of their abilities.


We believe that leadership capacity exists in all of us. Leadership is deliberate, in thought and in action. Nothing happens without leadership, we help provide the tools to grow and develop the necessary skills to promote leadership throughout our community.


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We achieve more when we all work together. We connect people, thoughts, ideas and organizations.


Our Adult Community Leadership Program takes place each year over a nine month period (September through May). The tuition-based program is geared toward community engagement, team building, community knowledge, leadership skill development and networking. Class sessions take place one day per month. There is a nomination and application process to participate.


The mission of our youth programs is to build on the skills, ideas and energy of our local youth to: improve our community through service-led projects, to promote learning through youth service, to develop youth leadership skills, to promote civic participation, and to encourage youth to develop a sense of proud ownership in the La Porte County community.